I was recently emailed a question about Booth set up for a Bridal show which I want to share along with my response:

Q: Rick- I am confused. Based on what you are saying, should I not worry at all about how my booth is set up? How should I set up my booth for an upcoming bridal show?

A: To the Contrary. I often say that working the show (talking to the Brides) is most important. In fact, I teach that if given the choice, I would work (talk properly to Brides) an empty booth rather than let the booth try to do the selling for me.

This being the case, you probably don’t have to choose between a great booth or no booth and working the show. Because you do not need to choose, let me share some thoughts on both.

As I mentioned, working the show is priority #1. By working the show, or in other words trying to filter out as many Brides as possible, I suggest you use the “3-3-3” method of weeding out those girls at the show who will never buy from those who will set an appointment with you after the show. This methodology has been the #1 most successful strategy that has helped wedding professionals get bookings because of the show. They work to getting the girls to the appointment which is where Brides buy or book with them.

Setting up your booth, you need to follow three rules:
1) The Bride needs to know what you do in 3 seconds- it has to be clear immediately to her.
2) Your set up needs to be clean and inviting. Not too busy, and no tables, podiums blocking the Bride from entering and having a conversation. This is not your space- it is her space- make it inviting.
3) Signage needs to be minimal and speak to her needs, not what you are selling. It is easy to start trying to “sell” but that turns off the Bride who is a stranger to you.

Keep in mind the psychology of the Bride at the Bridal show. She is;
1) Overwhelmed- #1 response of brides polled say that planning her wedding is overwhelming. 85% of Brides there typically have not planned a wedding before either
2) Does not know how to buy what you sell. You sell your stuff all the time (hopefully  ) but she doesn’t buy it all the time, so keep it simple and use a strategy.
3) She has other things on her list to see/do there. This along with having her entourage who may be slowing her down or pulling her past you.

I would further suggest you use video showing the emotional result of what you sell. For example, selling cakes you can have a bunch of pictures of cakes but if you used video, I would show the cake set up as guests are arriving, the cutting of the cake and the guests eating the cake along with 360 degree shots of the cake. This brings the purpose of the cake to life as opposed to hoping the Bride understands.

While I could spend an hour sharing with you more ideas, Let me instead share my E-Book, “Bridal Show Success Secrets” which I have put on sale (only $7 for the 24 page booklet) to help you prepare for Bridal show season coming up. Here is the link:


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