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Getting closer to your target business in 2015

“Where focus goes, energy flows”

In life, that which you focus on gets worked on. In other words, if your focus is more performance or that fulfilling that thing that you sell, you may become very good at what you sell. On the other hand, if you focus on the business stuff, your bottom line will grow and along with it, your skills will also grow as you will do what you sell more.

Short story- sell it more, you’ll do it more, and you’ll get better at it.

In our world, if the wedding couple doesn’t know you exist, you won’t even be a thought in her purchase, let alone an option. Marketing is the function that gets you known so you can at the very least be a choice. Effective marketing is what not only makes you known, but makes move forward in the process on connecting with you. This step is known as Lead generation or gaining the lead.

The next step after you have generated the lead is proper follow up on those leads. When you properly follow through with these leads, you get the Bride to move forward from thinking of you in simple basic terms to “I want to know more” and she will actually communicate with you.

The next obvious step is to determine if you are a match and close the sale assuming that you are. By meeting with the Bride and talking with her, through a series of properly planned questions (I call this process the Discovery process) you will determine if you offer what she wants at the level (typically price, but sometimes more) she wants it. If you are a proper match and most times you are, then there are proper ways to close the sale without being “salesy”

There are many different dynamics to Marketing for weddings. I have put together three audio programs specific to the process of

  • gaining the leads
  • follow up on the leads
  • then closing those leads

Your point and purpose, no matter how passionate you are about your business is to make money. Until you make money, you are running a hobby (sometimes a very expensive hobby at that). By learning the best techniques and practices which have proven to work with other wedding professionals, you take a shortcut to making your marketing and sales process work better and make you more money.



Three Wedding Business CD’s for Immediate Download


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This three CD series will help you maximize your Bridal show experience, your follow through with the leads you gather and the sales appointment where it seems like she only wants to ask one question…”what’s your price?”

CD #1 Bridal Show Success Secrets

Bridal shows are one of the best methods of advertising your Wedding Business, yet many wedding professionals swear they do not work. Learn the necessary before the show preparation and then the best methods to work the show including the “3-3-3” method of approaching the most brides possible while at the show. The Show Producer has two responsibilities: #1 Provide a reason for the Brides to attend (all the logistics of pipe and drape, fashion shows, etc…) and #2 get the couples there (all the marketing and collateral that actually bring the couple to the show). Your job is then to maximize your time and efforts of being there in front of those couples. Even if you don’t participate in shows, you will learn the psychology of the Bride as well as take away the 3-3-3 method which I also recommend you use in your phone approach when a Wedding couple calls.

CD#2 Turbo Charge Your Leads

One of the least used and best resources that you have are the leads that you gain. Fact is, Brides rarely hang a neon sign around their necks that says “I may be a prospective client”. Only 1% of Wedding vendors actually use the leads they work hard to get properly. This is a HUGE opportunity for you. Those who do use these leads typically blast out a message which repels those brides. Now imagine you are one of those on the list and all you get is 5 emails from the same two vendors (which, by the way repel you the client away from the vendors whether you are a match or not). Learn how to craft your message and how to send it out to get the best results from this very valuable list.

CD #3 Overcoming the “what’s your price?” Bride

Once you either get the bride on the phone or in person (and many times face to face at the show) seems like the only question that matters to the couple is the one question that shouldn’t matter at all- your price. Learn how to get past this question, why them asking about price is actually a great thing and how to get them talking about what really matters- Can you provide what they truly want for their wedding. Included in this CD are 5 sample responses you can start using immediately to craft your message as the four elements of true value in getting her to spend what you’re worth.

This 3 CD Series will help you gain the results you are hoping from at your very next show.

Listen to what others experienced:

Mike Lenstra “Today I booked wedding #90 for 2014. That’s right, Ninety. A major task anywhere but especially in a small rural market, which is what I reside in. A big part has been because of the direction you have sent me in thru your speaking engagements a products.Mark Tishko “I have to give big thanks to Rick Brewer, I just came off our areas biggest bridal show over this past weekend. I put in action what Rick has been teaching, and yes it works. Setup 30 appointments for a face to face meeting in the next 3 to 4 weeks. He is the best wedding business coach.”
Colleen Long-Bauer “Rick Brewer coached my team a few days before the bridal show and for the first time ever they booked appts AT THE SHOW, our goal was 25 we hit 22, they are solid appts not “drawing bride” appts. Thank you Rick Brewer for all you do to help make us a success.”
Michelle Parsons “Rick, Well tried the system and we set up 23 appointments at the show. It was a record show, and could have set up more from the qualified brides but…the Brides wanted the grooms to schedule the appointment. So we will have to have a phone consult about how to by pass that one. Monday had two of the three appointments set up and book and had about for groups that set up from the show with out appointments. I just am up to my neck in alligators right now.!”

Now is the time. Learn and prepare for your next show to have more Brides signing contracts with you than from any other show.

Normally these CD’s would sell for $117

(and would be well worth it) Think about this- if these CD’s helped you book one more wedding, typically they would have paid for themselves many times over.

For a limited time, and for immediate download, you can pick these CD’s up for

$29 (a 75% savings)

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