It is usually one of the first questions you get asked….

If you have prospects asking you “How much” before they know anything about you, you aren’t alone. Fact is this happens quite frequently if not most of the time within the wedding industry. Those wedding businesses who take this as a good thing and learn how to roll with it are proven to get more sales and move more wedding clients through the buying process. Introducing……

Overcoming the “what’s your price?” Bride

In this audio course, you will learn:

  • The 4 ways to respond to the dreaded price question
  • Why asking about price is good for you and your business
  • How to form a strategy and know what to do next….
  • The best way prepare and use the feng shui of selling to help you build trust

Imagine looking forward to getting this question and once you get it, having a response that your prospect will welcome. 

  1. These are Wedding Couples who are interested in doing business with you
  2. Asking about price is not personal
  3. Learning how to go with the flow is not a good thing but a great thing for your business

For a limited time, this audio course (via immediate download) is available for a 67% discount 



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