Brides hesitate; even though they know they NEED to book your services. They
come up with statements such as “I need to sleep on it” or “we need to think it
over.” There is also a lot of ‘other people’ they need to speak with concerning
their purchase. It is sometimes hard to discern those who are genuinely
interested and which prospects are giving a passive aggressive “no.” I will chat
today about the four reasons why she will not pull the trigger and the ways to
tell if she is just trying to get out of the appointment.

There is a condition I call Bridal Buying Reluctance. This occurs when the bride
will not pull the trigger on her purchase. She will encounter this for one of
five genuine reasons (but will most times, she will not be up front with you
about them). Here is are the 5 reasons:

1. Too Much marketing white noise. This is when she is getting overwhelmed with
all the bad advertising along with the pure deluge of marketing that is coming
in front of her. When she is overwhelmed, she cannot or will not make a

2. Truly not enough in her budget. Whether she has it or simply will not spend,
it doesn’t make much of a difference. She simply will not open her purse enough
to hit the target.

3. Not enough trust. This situation is when she doesn’t feel that you can do
what she needs for her wedding. This may be due to lack of information or your
personalities simply do not jive.

4. She is bad at making decisions. There are a lot of girls who simply do not
know how to make a decision. Rather than make a bad decision, they make no
decision at all.

5. They really do have someone who they need to confer with
. When this happens
they should be able to get with this other person within a week.

Now if the bride would come to the table and simply tell us, “Probably won’t
book/buy from you because of ________________ .” That may make us feel bad in
the moment, however, we could press forward and try to land some new clients
rather than sit in the land of wish and wonder hoping that they finally send in
the contract. By the way, my rules for changing them from prospect to customer
is they need to pay some money, sign a contract, or both. So until I get cash in
hand, a contract or both, I don’t allow them to be anything more than a
prospect. She simply will not (and sometimes cannot) tell us why she is not

Brides (most of which have not bought all of this before) do not owe us a
reason, but many times will give one when we simply ask. If you agree with that
statement, then it becomes our responsibility to clear the air as well as to ask
the sometimes very hard questions. Too many times wedding professionals don’t
want to ask the hard questions because they 1. don’t want to be pushy (it’s your
business and you have earned the right to ask the hard questions, 2. are scared
they will lose a customer (which they haven’t gained yet and most times will not

If a bride needs to think about it (and most times we are the only ones thinking
about it) a reasonable time to think about it is 3-4 days. When she indicates
she needs a month: Red Flag. If a bride needs to speak with someone else, 2-3
days is reasonable. When she indicates she needs 2-3 weeks: Red Flag. Learn to
spot the Red Flags and deal with them then, don’t hesitate. This step will get
you more business in the next year because you will stop “hoping” for this bride
to return and start “acting” to finding a different bride to replace her with.
You further need to stop waiting for her to follow through with you and put an
end to Follow Up where she avoids, and dodges you so she doesn’t have to tell
you no. This is why Follow Up is Also Known As F.U.

Until Next Week- Here’s to your Success!

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