Strategy #1 -Effective Marketing for Weddings

Marketing for weddings is a different brand of marketing

Effective marketing for weddings begins with the right message sent through the right medium.

Most marketing is different from marketing for weddings for the simple reason that this client is a very emotional client with a very emotional purchase. In fact- can you think about another purchase in her lifetime that is more emotional? (funerals don’t count as they usually don’t buy their own funeral and when they do, it is a very logical purchase)

Your message needs to speak to your client in a way they are thinking (which is usually different than the way we think as a business owner). Speaking to the emotional results is where you want to start.

Getting your message out requires a lot of attention paid to where you are marketing. Simply asking your clients “How’d you hear about us” will not get the job done.

marketing for weddings

Think about this: the typical bride has never purchased what you sell (at least to the level that you sell it) before. She has many emotional reasons why she is purchasing what she is purchasing to the extent that she is purchasing it. Let’s face it; logic doesn’t have much to do with her reasons (why would a girl spend $3000 on a dress she will presumably wear once, yet haggle over a $100 dress she will wear every week). We need to market to those emotional reasons. This doesn’t mean we need to use phrases like “Unicorns and rainbows at your wedding”. We simply need to focus more on what she is truly buying through those four emotional buttons that when pressed, will earn us her trust. This trust will help her make a further step in the buying process and hold her attention for a moment.

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