I grew up in New York, where when we find something that is not well thought out, is considered dopey. At the top of the list of all things dopey (that not just I but those who also run or manage pages on Facebook)  is the self promotion to other wedding professionals. This occurs when someone will join a group and then ask others to “like” their page, send them some business or post images/videos promoting their stuff to other wedding professionals, 99% of whom are busy trying to find business themselves. Let me share some ideas of some substitute actions that might be more productive. When I say might, I mean will be more productive.

Background: I run a page where there are around 15,000 wedding professionals. Everyday there are around 20 posts submitted that are self promotional posts. These of course fly in the face of reason and rules. The rules of the page clearly state that this is not a productive thing to do as there are not 14,000+ wedding pros waiting and hoping that someone will bring to their attention a photographer, dj or florist that they can then refer. These posts (and the member) are of course removed.

There are many advertising opportunities out there that are viable, as well as many wedding professionals who are new and trying to get new business. The environment of running a business in the wedding industry has declined to one where “free” has become a big option in marketing but yet has little if any effect.

Fact is those who spend more money in marketing make more money in their business

Three things that will work for you and your business (MUCH better than free posting):

  1. Face to Face networking with other wedding professionals. Getting business from other vendors is a good idea, but asking for it anonymously on Facebook is the equivalent to walking into bar and asking some stranger to borrow their car. You first need to take the proper steps of building a relationship
  2. Bridal/Wedding Shows. Again, the face to face component of marketing is the most effective, yet one of the hardest steps for wedding professionals which is then accomplished by the wedding show producer.
  3. Next step online. Taking the proper steps online is crucial and should be 50% of your marketing strategy. Just getting them to your site is not enough, you need to convert them to the next step which could be calling, setting an appointment, etc… Just getting them there is a whole different step, which again, no traffic, no clients.

When you post on sites that are strictly for wedding professionals, you actually harm to yourself as you build hope that you’ll get something from the efforts and then become discouraged when you don’t. Run your business like you would expect a business should be run- be smart with your advertising and you will make the money that you should make.


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