Did you know that there are two major steps that you should focus on with your marketing? Most people are so overwhelmed with the first step that they completely miss that second step (which is just as important as the first step). When you complete both steps in your marketing, you stand a phenomenally higher chance of getting the bride to meet with you than otherwise. Completing these two steps alone has added thousands to my clients’ bottom line. These two steps, while fundamental and basic, are crucial to focus on.

Step #1 Be seen

If your marketing is seen, you stand a chance of it being useful to the person seeing it. In other words, if they pick up your brochure, see a listing on a website, or find you at a bridal show; that is great. But, it is not enough. Being seen is just not enough. There needs to be progression to a conversion with you after they see your marketing materials.

At one of my live seminars, I was asked to review a brochure from one of the wedding professionals there. After looking at it and seeing what is typical on many small business brochures (not just wedding professionals) I found her brochure to be all about her, and less customer centric (focused on the needs of the customers). The brochure was more bullet points and all about what they did as opposed to the result they provided. I asked the wedding professional what she was trying to accomplish with it, to which she replied, “trying to get the word out.” I told her that her brochure would do that, but wouldn’t she want more? Say to have the bride call her or log onto her website? She replied, “Oh, well, yes! I didn’t think about that.” Fact is, she is like most wedding professionals and by simply adjusting this approach could achieve much better results.

Step #2 Convert

Getting seen is one thing, getting your prospect to do something is the next step. Without them doing anything, you can have a million people see your stuff and have a same effect as no one seeing it. The next step (conversion) can be go to your website, give you a call, schedule an appointment, etc… Many times, the key to getting the prospect to act is to bribe them with something that matters to the prospect. Some examples of what matters to the prospect can be a special report, an instructional video or a sample of some sort. By offering this “bribe” you can collect their email address, get them to schedule an appointment or simply sort them out as a prospective customer who is interested in what you do. This sorting process helps you to identify the suspects (any girl who is getting married) from the prospects (a girl who is getting married and is considering buying what you sell). Once you have identified those who may be a prospective customer, you can further market to them in a fashion that is conducive at this stage (slightly different than the previous stage).

As you go to review all of your marketing materials (anything that a prospective customer is potentially seeing) insure that you are trying to not just have your materials be seen, but take the next step to convert them to whichever step you desire them to take.

Until next week, Here’s to your success!

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