Many people think that salesman are bad, obnoxious and are to be avoided much like a bad smell. There are many salespeople who fall into this category. However, to lump all people who are trying to sell something into the same group simply is not effective in a buyer’s strategy. When you think of brides, we all know that they will buy your stuff (from you or from someone) but they do a lot of weird things that make them have an unproductive buying process where they will waste a bunch of time and energy only to get frustrating results.

In my opinion, when someone comes to meet with you and takes your time, you have the right to ask for the sale. That said, they also have the right to say “no.” Studies show that by simply asking for the sale more often, you will find an increase in your bookings. Asking for the sale in an appropriate manner will help even more. When we ask, we don’t always get. But, we miss every shot we don’t take (to paraphrase Wayne Gretzky). If we are sitting back hoping for the sale to come through, I will say as I often state, ‘hoping’ is a lousy strategy.

I want you to be honest; do you have a proven system that you use each and every time in your sales approach? In your strategy, do you always (meaning each and every time when it is time to ask for the sale, i.e. you are at the point to where no further information needs to be researched and the client has the information and input they need to make a decision) ask for the sale? I often hear the statement “I don’t want to be pushy” which is quite a pant load. If you cannot sell what you are an expert and passionate about without being pushy, you need to get a job that does not require risk. Selling is a risk, a risk that someone will reject what you are trying to sell.

Let me state something often quoted: “Nothing happens until something is sold.”

If you cannot sell your product or service to brides, you won’t be around long. If you use the proper sales system that fits you and your style and is the best approach for the bride (focusing on being fully honest in your approach) you will stay around and thrive as long as you choose.

The best sales systems accomplish the following:

1) They focus on the customer’s needs/desires

2) They will draw the prospects through the same/similar process to get the best results

3) They have a process of discovery to see if there is indeed a match

4) They do not leave room for wonder, you know at the end here your prospect stands

Step one in your business is to get your phone to ring. Step two is to get your cash register to ring. When your marketing works but your sales system does not, you will have the same/similar effect as if your marketing as not working either. Both marketing to brides and selling to brides needs to work in tandem to insure a healthy bottom line.

Start with this step first: Ask for the sale each and every time you have a face to face meeting with a bride. You don’t have to use worn out methods that barely worked 15-20 years ago. Simply ask, “What’s our next step? Should we do some paperwork?” By asking this question, let me know if you end up with more business on the books.

Until Next Week, Here’s to your success!

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