Many times we go into our appointments with a wish and a prayer. I see many Wedding professionals who take this whimsical approach to selling without even knowing it. Fact is, those who prepare better have better sales results. In helping hundreds with their sales approach, I have discovered some ideas that have had a dramatic impact. I will share three of those ideas today.

Before I get too far, let me go back and talk about the reason why we do not prepare. The number one reason why we do not prepare for our sales appointments is simple; we don’t get the desired result on many of our face to face consults and we project those results onto the next appointment. When we continue to do the same thing, we know we will get the same result. So if you are not happy with your closing ratio, you need to change your approach. Blaming the brides who we meet for not purchasing is simply not productive. We need to take responsibility for our actions and better control our results.
Our sales systems are of the utmost importance and here is why; Most of our business efforts are spent in getting the Bride to the table (the face to face consult). Getting Brides to the consult and not closing them yields the same results as not getting them to the table in the first place. Were you to measure your time and money in your marketing efforts, you would see the necessity of having a strong sales system.

Do these three things in preparation for your next appointment and watch your results change:

1. Review your sales process. If you do not have a written sales process that you follow, tweak and improve, you do not have a sales process. Write down your process and start to improve it. By writing it down, you accomplish two things; first you will memorize it better and have a system in your mind to follow. Second, you have a starting point to perfect and improve what you are or are not presenting. Key here is developing and improving your system.

2. Record it. Either record just audio or video/audio combined works even better. I remember recording my first paid presentation. While I got rave reviews, I was horrified at how bad (in my opinion) it was. I heard every little mistake, every tick and incomplete thought. The recording of my presentation helped me improve greatly. As I have had this done with my consulting clients, we almost always find challenges which are costing them sales. Simply hearing yourself (or seeing, even better) will most times adjust your bad behavior and reinforce the good behaviors.

3. Do your research. Do a quick Facebook search, look on Pinterest and Twitter to see what you can find. Fun part of this task is that she is searching you up and doing research on you, wouldn’t it be fun to do likewise and come to the appointment prepared. Maybe you don’t find a thing about her, but what if you found out some information that might be helpful in the consult (i.e. her talking about how stressed she is, so you don’t step on that land mine, but actually are empathetic with what she is experiencing.

By doing these three things, you stand a chance of improvement, which translates to more Brides on the books next year.

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