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business check up

testimonial-2Checking in on your business is just as good an idea as is going to the doctor or dentist every so often is. The health and well being of your marketing and sales strategy will determine the success of your business.

This Business Review Session will take around 35 minutes and we will check 5 key areas of your business. Please fill out the attached .pdf and email to  a minimum of 1 day prior to our appointment (more time is preferred) (Click on link below)

business review worksheet.pdf Testimonial-5



Couple of house keeping matters:

  1. This appointment is of no cost to you. Please be prepared.
  2. Times are limited, so if you are a no show, we cannot reschedule (think about the last time you showed up and your prospect did not make the meeting, call or let you know)
  3. If there is a partner involved with your business, please schedule for when you will both be there. 
  4. My aim is to find out where you are in your business, being open and candid will help me in that endeavor. 

There are three types of people I cannot help or work with:

  1. You’re in a “fire-sale” situation. If you are on the fast path to closing and you’re hoping that somehow someone else can come and save your business for you, this is not reality. 
  2. You cannot accomplish what I tell you to do. This part has little to do with money, but more with fear or action. If you are afraid, or you simply will not take action but be stuck within intentions, we are not a match. 
  3. Improvement is not important. There are many who are simply not ready willing or wanting to go to the next level.  There are some who are secure and perhaps “browsing” but not ready for change. 

Testimonial-1Believe it or not, I do turn away clients as I do not want someone who will not prosper out there suggesting that it was because of me. The point and purpose is to figure out if A) we have a match and B) we are agreed upon what the next step is. 

Many people have hired me in the past knowing they could find cheaper or easier and did so knowing that I am serious about your business and that it was a small price to pay to get a big payout.


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Rick Brka- sittingewer is known for his proprietary approach in the psychology of buying and selling events. He has worked with hundred of wedding businesses and has sold thousands of his courses. Rick regularly speaks to Wedding and event business groups and has worked to lift the industry to a higher standard of spending more effectively on marketing, raising your bottom line profits, and making your life of running your business easier and more fun.


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