Brides Need to Know You – Or Feel Like They Do

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There are so many components to marketing to brides that it’s easy to shelve a task like writing new website copy. After all, if your site is generating the same number of leads as it always has, why mess with success? Here’s why: Because you could be generating a lot more leads with your site, with nothing more than some editing.
As a wedding vendor, you’re dealing with a clientele who is viewing your products or services with an emotional eye. Brides-to-be (and to a lesser extent, their partners) are taught – by wedding planning books and reality shows – to fear wedding vendors. Putting down a deposit has become a stressful event, rather than a joyful one. Brides-to-be second guess themselves constantly. Your portfolio may wow them beyond all imagining, but they will still hesitate.
Trust is the issue here. Couples see what you’ve done for your past clients and they like it, but the question in the back of their minds is “Will they do the same for us?” If your web copy doesn’t speak to them… doesn’t show them you’re trustworthy and yes, that you will give them your all, they’re not going to call you, fill out your inquiry form, or send an email. What they’re going to do is move on to the next vendor on their prospects list.
Your web copy is often the first element of your business that your clients encounter, which makes it the first (and possibly only) opportunity to create an emotional connection between couples and your product or service. If a bride-to-be feels that connection, she’ll feel more confident reaching out to you, more confident in your abilities, and more confident handing over a deposit.
So what can you do to help brides get to know you – and by extension, your business? Here are five ways you can tweak your web copy to make it more appealing to brides and grooms:
1. Let couples see who you are. Is your About page about you as a person or a laundry list of your certifications? Make sure your About page is actually about you… what motivates you and why you love being a part of every couple’s wedding. Let brides-to-be see that you’re already excited to be working with them.
2. Show that you know what couples are looking for. You can’t describe every bride’s perfect wedding day, but let some of the excitement and happiness of all weddings shine through in your web copy.
3. Consider yourself a problem solver. Do you make reception tables more memorable? Make weddings less stressful? Create one-of-a-kind cakes with unique flavor combos? Brainstorm the ways you make weddings better, and then make sure that’s clearly stated in your content.
4. Lose the jargon. Fancy industry terms don’t inspire trust – person to person connections inspire trust. Brides and grooms don’t put their trust in you because you have more certifications than the next guy. They trust you because they sense that you understand what they want.
5. Think in terms of benefits, not features. Edit out 90% of your “I will…” copy and replace it with “You will…” copy. Don’t just talk about what you do; talk about what you’ll do for them. In other words, make your website content about your clients.
There’s just no way around it. Your web copy matters and as an increasing number of brides-to-be and grooms-to-be research wedding vendor services online, it’s going to matter even more. If you’re happy with the leads you’re getting now, that’s great. But before you put a web copy overhaul on the back burner, think about the fact that you could be getting lots more.
Need help with your web copy? Christa Terry is an experienced author, writer and editor, blogger, editorial services consultant, SEO, and former journalist whose writing has appeared in magazines, newspapers, and on hundreds of websites. Her enormously popular wedding planning blog, Manolo for the Brides (which receives roughly 20,000 visitors per week) blossomed into iDo: Planning Your Wedding with Nothing But Net, a bridal guide published by Simon & Schuster. Christa Terry’s Editorialicious was launched because Christa saw businesses struggling to balance day-to-day operations with the very real need to provide well-written, informative, and engaging editorial content to their customers.

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