In every market I go to, I find wedding professionals who cannot crack the code on Bridal Shows. They go to bridal shows and do not get a single client.

The problem with bridal shows isn’t the show- it’s we don’t know how to properly approach them
In every show across the country, there are those wedding businesses who knock it out of the park each and every time. There are also those who are in the same show, trying to sell the same stuff that simply do not get any traction.

It shouldn’t be this way.

Bridal shows are the place where Brides go. In fact-( in theory), Brides go to buy the stuff you are selling, yet they do not pull the trigger on that purchase. This is a big disconnect.

The reasons for this disconnect are primarily three fold;

1. Brides are overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information overload
2. Wedding Professionals do not have a structure or system to approach the Brides and chat with the brides who may want to purchase their products (as opposed to talking to those who never intend on buying from them)
3. Many Wedding Professionals think all they have to do is show up and use an old sales method and they should get their fair share of Bridal business

Let’s face it- Brides do get overwhelmed and when they are overwhelmed, they cannot and will not make a decision. It becomes your job to take the following steps:

A. Sort out the Brides who don’t need you from those who do
B. Determine if you are a potential match with those who may need you
C. Get them to take one more step in their process (which gets them closer to making a decision. Hint: You usually cannot get them to go from stranger to customer at the show)

By following a proven system which will help you maximize your investment of time, money and energy at a bridal show and give you the highest return on the system, you will come to agree that Bridal shows are indeed a great resource for marketing to Brides.

Having produced Bridal Shows, participated in them and coached hundreds on how to get the results that will make the show worth it, I have come up with Bridal Show Success Secrets that you can immediately download and read

This is the e-book version of the audio program I released 2 years ago with a bonus section “the 3-3-3 Method”. Wedding professionals across the country have landed more Brides by following the steps and systems in this e-book.

This .pdf is on sale for a limited time and a very low investment of only $7- I take the risk out of it for you so you can see that there are great solutions that work for you and your business.

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