Hope is a pretty lousy strategy.
I often ask people what they are aiming to accomplish with a marketing piece, a brochure or perhaps business card and many times the response is “to get the word out”. Let’s be really candid here- you can go to the side of the highway with a clown suit and a sign about your business and “get the word out”. The idea of “getting the word out” is frankly pointless. Without a solid strategy of why you are getting the word out and what do to once the word is in the hands of your prospects your time and money are wasted.
I recently saw (and this kind of post is unfortunately) a post on a facebook group seeking the opinion of several of the group’s members. The responses were all over the board. Were I the person seeking those opinions, my head would have been spinning. This interaction got me to thinking about the proper strategies that Wedding Businesses should seek out. I want to share three of those strategies today.
#1- Write it down
Write down these three things: 1) what you want (number of weddings, number of appointments, etc..) 2) what your past results have been (in what ever thing you are wanting) 3) what daily actions it will take to get you from where you were to where you want to be. Simply saying you want “more” won’t do (.25 cents is technically “more” yet I doubt any of you would be satisfied with that result. It is crucially important that you write these three things down and post them where you can see them everyday (office right in front of you, bathroom mirror, screen saver on your computer, etc…)
#2-Know what you want them to do next
You run your wedding business each and every day of your lives- you understand the obvious “next steps” but keep this in mind- Your bride doesn’t know the next step. You need to tell her and show her what to do next. Whether you are communicating through a brochure, on the phone or in person, there are obvious next steps for her to take. If you do not tell her what to do, you cannot assume she will understand to do what it is you want her to do. The key here is getting her to communicate. By communicating what you want her to do, she can then decide to either do it or not. #1 mistake I see in most print material is there are no Calls to Action. A Call to Action can be as simple as “call us for a free consult” or “log onto the website to see/hear more.”
#3- Seek out proven successes.
In any industry there are success stories of business who have run the course and found the right path in which to find success. These businesses will most times share their success (ask them out to lunch and see if they won’t open up). The majority of the successes that you find will tell you that they have to keep their ear to the ground and be flexible in their approach. Think about this- 5 years ago how many of you were on Facebook (not just think you were on Facebook, but actually on Facebook) How many of you were on Pinterest? I am not telling you that this is a singular strategy, but times have changed and the methods of marketing to Brides consistently change- you need to be up on them. Those who stay on top of the changes can find the successes. You need to be up on the trends of Brides as they will keep changing. Fail/wait to change and your business will suffer.
Until Next Week, Here’s to your Success!

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