Think you know Rick…..

Rick Brewer of Get More Brides
Rick Brewer, international man of mystery is widely known as the go-to guy for marketing and sales in the wedding and event world. Here are some fun facts that maybe you didn’t know….

Rick was an Interrogator of Prisoners of War.

Rick first served in the US Air Force, then went over to the Army where he was trained and was an honor graduate of the Interrogator program. Before you ask, Rick does not know how to waterboard (but he does have ways of getting information out of you that you will never see coming…. 🙂

Rick has been to 49 of the fifty states

In 7 years (so far) of traveling and speaking, Rick has been to almost all of the 50 states. He is highly motivated to check off the list Hawaii and has that on his goals list for the next year. One side note, that while traveling, Rick tries to find the little “hole in the wall” places that are known by the locals, such as Primanti Bros. In Pittsburgh- the best sandwich in the county~!

He is Bilingual

30 years ago, Rick lived in Thailand for 2 years. During this time he became fluent (read, write, speak and eat) Thai. He lived in Bangkok and the Northeast (known as the world’s rice bowl). While much of his ability to speak Thai have left him, he still likes to go out to eat at local Thai restaurants and see if he can score a free dessert because of his language skill.

He was a wedding professional!

Once upon a time, Rick was a wedding professional and worked with over 300 Brides in their weddings. This taught Rick many of the lessons that he sees with other businesses and the natural evolution of a wedding professional. He has used this information to grow to own wedding magazines, produce bridal shows, create 21 courses in wedding marketing and selling and work one on one with over 800 other professionals and their businesses.

He is a total marketing geek

Rick got his degree in Marketing and loves almost all things marketing. For Rick, teaching and coaching about selling and marketing isn’t a job, it is a passion. He has been known to be driving down the road and yelling at billboards that were worse than bad. Finding pathways for businesses through good marketing is something he loves.

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