3 steps to avoid attracting broke clients

You get the call and they ask “how much?” or  they meet with you and leave because they want to “think it over” all the while you sense that they simply cannot afford what you are selling.  Here are three steps to look at within your process to determine if making some adjustments would be helpful.

  1. Begin with your current marketing message. Your marketing is what makes your phone ring or your email ding. If you are getting results from that marketing, your phone ringing or email dinging is how you know. The good news is this: your marketing is reaching potential clients. The bad news, it is attracting the wrong clients. The message you are sending out is probably somewhat to blame for the broke clients to respond. Your message is what your prospective client understands about who you are or what you provide. By changing your message, you can build a strategy that stops the flow of broke clients and attracts those who will see you as an experienced professional.


Example: by putting a statement on the bottom of your message that states you are limited in the amount you are able to take – something along this line

“Due to the amount of requests we receive we have a Minimum purchase necessary as we are limited in the amount of events we can do each year”

*Note : I am not suggesting you use this line. This is a line on an ad that was used for another client who’s situation is most likely different than yours. What you should use is what will work for you and your business. 

What you are accomplishing is that you are subtly stating you are in demand and with good reasons.
There are about several other strategies I look at depending upon you and your business, but the first thing is to look at your message. Compare this type of message to the message that is prevalent out there that is similar to a dog begging for a scrap (you have seen it- offering a discount before you even meet- i.e. 10% off when you mention this add, using old techniques such as scarcity or pain- these rarely work for an affluent/high priority client, or trying to use trickery such as limited dates available then acting totally different when they call. 

  1. Change up your marketing. If #1 is not causing the problem, perhaps the mediums might also be something to look at. In taking a look at the mediums you use, I first determine what your advertising budget is. After that, we do an advertising test. This is many times more important than actual tracking (trust me- I look at both but 90% of the time there is no written or documented data). We then look at the options for marketing and find which are most effective through a) Competitive analysis b) the stats and figures given by the advertisers. In the end result, we most times end up going with a low/no cost marketing strategy. I have formed a sweat equity marketing strategy which gets my clients working and applies a hustle factor to what they do. While this requires little or no cash, it does require their focus, time and energy. Key is, in our industry this is one of the most effective forms of marketing I have found yet and works every time it is worked.
  1. Expect it to be there and keep your foot on the gas. One of the biggest opportunities I see out there is that there are a large amount of people who believe in the concept of “If you build it they will come”. This field of dreams approach to your marketing looks like this. There are a ton of people out there who need what I sell therefore, they simply need to know I am here and they will buy. It is in the application of this principal that they find out the disappointing news. Because they are disappointed, they get quickly discouraged and either slow down or quit. Because so many people get discouraged, it lowers the bar on getting your name out there and being effective with your marketing. Let’s face it, year in , year out, you hear of your competitors who are getting bookings. If they can, you can as well.

Here is what I want you to first agree too: There are potential clients who are going to buy at the levels I want to sell and provide value at. They may as well buy from me.
If you need to, repeat that statement everyday several times a day for a month and that should help to get you to work.

These are three strategies which may help you to figure out if you have challenges that need to be fixed with attracting the wrong type of client. If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, perhaps we could talk. Fill out the form below and we can schedule a time.

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