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Creating a Selling Strategy

Those photography businesses that have a written strategy for the process of how they sell and at what stages they sell, have higher success that those who do not. By taking the time to form a strategy, you can then improve on that strategy for selling your services.

3 keys to choosing your marketing

Marketing choices are abundant and having a framework to help with these choices will help you and your business to get the best clients eyes on your business.

“Why” of the buy for the Bride

Understanding the underlying psychology of why a bride buys helps us to approach our sales and marketing much differently. Let’s face it; what we sell is mostly not a “need” but a “want” which makes this purchase a purely emotional.

Hear what other Wedding professionals  had to say about Rick

Marketing. Your marketing is everything that brings your prospective client to you. When you adjust, even slightly you see a big change in the number of inquiries and appointments

Sales. Selling is a communication with your prospective client which figures out “are we a match”. Imagine adjusting your approach just slightly to where you are able to raise your closing rate by 5-10% how many sales that would amount too.

The wedding industry has changed dramatically over the past several years. While spending for weddings and events has increased so has the competition. Setting yourself apart as a professional business can be done first through your marketing and second by your sales approach. WedPro + has set itself up for you as resource to help you 1) get more business 2) save money

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