Many wedding professionals are curious what the industry will hold for the coming year. While there are statistics based on the previous year which we could look at, or trends that are emerging, none of these matter to you and your business.

The one thing that matters to you and your business is simply this:

Does today’s newly engaged bride know that you exist?

If she knows that you exist, do you matter?

Statistics are either 0 or 100%  and what you do within the industry has no bearing on another’s business and vice versa, unless they are looking for a downward trend and hoping to

While these two tasks seem rather simple, let’s review the situation of the wedding industry

  • 85% of brides who book your services are first time brides
  • They are spending more money on one day than they ever have before
  • While this is a a time for celebration, she is under more stress than ever before.
  • She is in tug of war – with her friends, with her Mom, with cultural expectations and even with the information she is finding out there.

There is no wonder this Bride is stressed out!

Perhaps you have tried different methods of adverts that simply did not bring the results. You know that hundreds, maybe more Brides saw your marketing, but did not respond. Here is why:

When she is confused, she will not make a move.

Not that your marketing confused her, but think of this- she has a mindset or psychology that she has not had before.

There are four primary “buttons” which she wants pushed. When you focus in on these buttons, you will be able to get her to go further in the process.

Those buttons are as follows:

  1. Impress. She wants to impress everyone who comes to the wedding
  2. Enjoy: She wants to enjoy herself as well as for her guests to have a good time.
  3. Win. She has this inner competition that usually isn’t spoken about of competing with her friends, her sisters, etc…
  4. Cinderella. For many Brides, this will be the only day of her life where she is the center of attention (Cinderella at the ball).

Your marketing is an extension of who you are and will either keep the momentum going in her buying process or will shut it down on the spot.


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